Clutch your pearls because the Preacher's wife has laid out all her truth on these pages.  Not sugar coated, pressed, or polished, just My truth.  Before I was a Preacher's wife, I was a "rough around the edges" school girl, hiding behind the scars of a past that sometimes still haunts me today.  The heartache associated with abandonment issues, molestation and rape, depression, infidelity, gun tragedy, jealousy, the birth of a child with a disability, and so much more, almost crippled me on so many days.  Trying to see God's plan for my life through all these broken pieces seemed nearly impossible.  But, in sharing my story of how God used all my pieces to create a masterpiece, I pray that you too will find your strength, and embrace your journey as you learn to love yourself beyond the pain and brokenness, and walk boldly and unapologetically into your purpose.  God has a plan for our pain.  We are all perfectly flawed masterpieces.
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Time to un-clutch your pearls and put in the work!  Your peace is your responsibility, and God is waiting on you.  Yes, You!  Are you ready to do your part?  "Peace After the Pieces" is the second book released by Author Kiwani Murray that outlines the intricate parts of an intriguing past and how the Master intimately crafts each piece to fit His ultimate picture for our lives.  Teaching the lessons learned along the way, Kiwani boldly tackles topics that are of various concern for many the areas of parenting, relationships, religion, self-esteem, finances and more!  May Peace After the Pieces offer you a clearer perspective of life and the significance of the role you play.

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